Akas Delivery Disposable Tube

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Akas Delivery Disposable Tube

AKAS High Pressure Extension Straight Tube (PVC)

  • High quality medical grade PVC tube
  • No kinking
  • Rotating luer lock connectors
  • Single use, sterile and non-pyrogenic
  • Volume 2.5ml (200cm)
  • Volume 1.25 ml (100cm)
  • Akas Delivery Disposable Tube

    AKAS High pressure Extension Spiral Tube (PE)

  • Small bore lines can withstand a pressure of 40kg/cm
  • Single use, sterile and non-pyrogenic
  • Compatible with most of drugs
  • Rotate luer lock connector
  • Volume 2ml (200cm)
  • Volume 1ml (100cm)

  • Product Description

    Use PE tubes only for Drug Delivery. Nitroglycerin , Isosoribide dinitrate, Diazepam, Clomethiazole edisylate, Choloroquine sulfate, Lorazepam, Midazolam, Promethazine hydrochloride, Thiopental sodium, Warfarin sodium

    This figure shows on Calculate concentrations of nitroglycerin in the drug solution Pumped through PVC tubes in comparison to the experimental results and calculated concentration of nitroglycerin of nitroglycerin in the initial solution resulting in a constant concentration of 80 ppm in the applied solution.

    Some of the Drugs which are compatible with PE tube this figure shows sorption of nitroglycerin in alternative tube materials and PVC as reference.