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Infusion Pump AKAS INFUMAX

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Product Description

The AKAS Infu Max volumetric cum Drop Counting Infusion Pump has been designed to combine high levels of safety & performance with verysimple and reliable operation.

The AKAS Infu Max offers comprehensive range of features making it ideal for general, critical care, neonatal and Cancer therapy infusions where accuracy is important.

An infusion pump is a medical device that is used to deliver nutrients and medications into a patient's body in calibrated amounts. It finds widespread use in all health care units such as hospitals, nursing homes and even in residences where a nurse is appointed to take special care of the patient. 

About Our Product:

AKAS INFUMAX volumetric cum Drop counting infusion pump combines high levels of safety and performance to provide for a very simple and reliable operation. The AKAS INFUMAX is designed in such as way that it offers several advanced features ideal for general, critical care, neonatal and cancer therapy infusions where accuracy is key. At their simplest, infusion pumps comprise of an user-interface that controls an electromechanical pumping mechanism which is responsible for driving fluid from a container (bag, bottle or syringe) through a flexible tubing into a patient's catheter.

iso and ce certification

Product Highlights

  • Drop/min setting
  • Ml / hr setting
  • Infused volume & drops display
  • Elapsed time display
  • Target volume & Target time
  • setting - Auto calculation
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Excess/Less flow alarm
  • Less flow alarm due to occlusion
  • Programmable to any I.V tubing
  • Suitable for micro / Adult infusions
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Keep vein open(KVO)
  • ‘Air in Line’ Detector
  • Bolus Function
  • Different colour LED’s &
  • LCD Display with Help Function
  • Free Flow Protection

Infusion pump Any IV set

Any IV set

Program to your IV set & Accuracy promised

Free Flow Protection

Safety lever protects accidental free flow

Infusion pump Drop & Ml Function

Drop/min & ml/hr Modes

Drops / min and ml per hour easy change over
Infusion pump Avoid Air Embolism

Avoid Air Embolism

Air bubble detection and alarms as well as stops infusion
Infusion pump for Adult & Pediatric

Adult & Pediatric Infusion

Adult IV set to Micro IV set easy change over
User friendly Infusion pump

User Friendly

LCD for user assist function LED display for long distance Viewing

Product Video

Breaking Test Video

Benefits and Applications:

Infusion pumps are used when the administered medication should be delivered with greater accuracy and speed. With an infusion pump, the drugs can be administered through a manually adjusted gravity administration setting. Because of its high levels of precision, infusion pumps are extremely useful in applications such as administration of IV cardiovascular drugs, chemotherapy, continuous epidural anaesthesia as well as for paediatric applications. With technological advancements doing the rounds supported by improvement in computing power and increased awareness of medication safety, the way infusion pumps are bought, set-up and used have changed over the years.

Why Choose us?

The benefits of using infusion pump are numerous. However, it is important that you pick the right infusion pump manufacturers. Buying an infusion pump involves establishing a long-term relationship with the infusion pump supplier. It is the infusion pump supplier who is going to guide the healthcare unit in terms of initial implementation, product upgrades and most importantly - ongoing support. Since AKAS Medical has a strong dealer network, we are ready to deliver our infusion pump devices to any health care unit across the globe. In addition to being infusion pump manufacturers, we also manufacture a wide range of other critical care medical equipment for healthcare units. What sets us apart from other infusion pump manufacturers and infusion pump suppliers is that we make sure we provide constant customer support for customers across the globe.

Power Supply : AC 220V to 240V 50Hz
Battery Backup : 4hrs @ 8 drop/min or 25 ml/hr (Auto Power Saving Mode)
Power Consumption : 10VA
Pumping mechanism : Linear Peristaltic
Drop Sensors : External ‘Air in line’
Detector : Internal
Display : LCD and 7 Segment LED Display
Safety features : Free flow protection
Excess / Less Alarm
Air in Line Protection
Sensor Malfunction Protection
I.V set ml conversion : Adult I.V sets - 12 to 26 drops/ml in steps of 0.5
Micro I.V sets - 50 to 85 drops/ml in steps of 1
I.V set tubing : Accepts all Brands of I.V set
Drop rate range : 1 to 150 drop/min for Adult
1 to 100 drop/min for Micro
Volume rate range : 0.5 to 450 ml/hr for Adult
0.1 to 100 ml/hr for Micro
Drop resolution : 1 drop/min
Bolus Function : Auto Bolus, Purge Bolus
Bolus Flowrate : 10 to 900mL/Hr - Adult
10 to 100mL/Hr - Micro
Flow rate resolution : Sequential press
Adult : 0.5 to 100ml/hr Step 0.1ml/hr
100 to 450ml/hr Step 1ml/hr
Micro : 0.1 to 100ml/hr Step 0.1ml/hr
Press & hold Adult : 0.5 to 100ml/hr Step 2 ml/hr
100 to 450ml/hr Step 10 ml/hr
Micro : 0.1 to 100ml/hr Step 2 ml/hr
Target Volume : 1 to 990ml
Target Volume steps : Adult:1 to 100ml Step 1 ml
100 to 990ml Step 10ml
Micro: 0.5 to 10ml Step 0.1ml
10 to 100ml Step 1ml
100 to 500ml Step 10ml
Bolus Volume : 0.1 to 50mL
Elapsed time : 00:00 to 99:59 Hr
Keep vein open (KVO) : off to 3dr/min or 3ml/hr steps 1
Battery charging period : 16 hrs automatic
Battery type : Rechargeable Ni-Cd, Built in & standard
Alarm indication for : Target volume, Target time, Excess flow, Less flow, Air in line, Battery low, KVO
Purge Flow : Flushing of IV tube possible
Menu Driven : Self Guided / Help Assisted Interactive Functions , Self Diagnosis of Alarm Causes
Housing : ABS plastic
Dimension : 140mm x 140mm x200mm
Weight : 2.8 kg
Certification : CE, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008

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