AKAS QVS 100 - Quick Vital Sign (BMI)

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Quick Vital Sign (BMI) AKAS QVS 100

Product Description

QVS 100 is an intelligent, self-examination machine, simple to operate and fashionable in appearance.

It is a smart physical examiner for optimal measurements of 7 parameters in 2 mins (Height, Weight, BMI, Temperature, SPO2, NIBP, Pulse rate)
The unit is incorporated with a thermal printer for taking printout of the test results which can be retained and compared with future test results
QVS 100 simply eliminates manual errors in recording vital sign parameters as the readings can be printed.

iso and ce certification

Product Highlights

  • Screen 7 parameters in 2 mins (Height, Weight, BMI, Temperature, SPO2, NIBP (Auto & Manual mode), Pulse rate
  • 7" LCD for better viewing
  • Touch screen for easy go operation
  • Thermal printer
  • User Friendly & Aesthetic Look.

Product Video

Tab Content (Specification)
Power Supply (I/P) 18V DC
Frequency 50Hz
Current rating 1.5A
Display 7" inch LCD with touch screen
Height Measurement Range 100 -206 cm/3ft 10inch-6ft 7inch
Weight Measurement Range 2 - 200 Kg/4.4-440.9lbs
Temperature Measurement Range (95 to 110 F)
NIBP Adult - 40 to 270 mmHg (Systolic range)
Adult - 10 to 230 mmHg (Diastolic range)
Adult - 20 to 230 mmHg (Mean range)
Spo2 50% to 100% (saturation range)
Thermal printer Available
Pulse Measurement Available
BMI Calculation Available
Weight / Height 42.5 Kg / 2234 mm
Base Dimensions 650*450 mm
Package Dimensions 236cm x 36cm x 50cm