AKAS QVS 20 - Quick Vital Sign (BMI)

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AKAS QVS 20 Quick Vital Sign (BMI)

Product Description

AKAS QVS 20 is an intelligent, self-examination machine, simple to operate but fashionable in appearance.

It is a smart physical examiner for optimal measurements of 3 physical parameters in 4sec like Height, Weight and BMI

iso and ce certification

Product Description

QVS 20 is a self examining, nimble witted, asthetic and user friendly machine. This machine is used for analyzing BMI of the individuals through their height and weight in few seconds. For futuristic perspective, the datum are also reproduced from the printer for the comparative analysis.

Product Highlights

  • Screen 3 parameters in 4sec (Height, Weight and BMI)
  • Thermal Printer
  • 7 segment LED for better visibility
  • User Friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • Aesthetic Look.

Display 7 Segment LED Display
Height Measurement Range 110 - 206 cm/3ft 10inch-6ft 7inch
Weight Measurement Range 2 - 200 Kg/4.4-440.9lbs
Frequency 50Hz
Current rating 1.5A
Height 2234mm
Base Dimensions 650*430mm
Accuracy +-0.2kg/+-0.4lbs
Power Supply 18V DC
Gross Weight 36Kg (approx.)
Package Dimensions 99cm x 54cm x 17cm