AKAS DripSure

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Product Description

AKAS DRIPSURE is an infusion controller to administer drugs at a precise IV flow rate on IV administration set. It can be used as a drop counting infusion controller on both adult & micro IV sets.

Aesthetically well designed for an elegant look and feel, AKAS DRIPSURE is compatible to all type of IV sets and also for adult & pediatric applications.

Product Description

It has multiple keys and corresponding LEDs to display current and active functions in a single window. The LED display helps in viewing important parameters from a distance of about 20 feet. Safety Alarms are generated for excess flow, less flow, damaged tubing and low battery. Features like Target volume, Target time setting, and ‘Keep Vein Open’ function are available.

To summarize, AKAS DRIPSURE is Accurate, User friendly, Safe and Durable.

Product Highlights

  • Drop/Min & ml/Hr Function
  • Used For Both Adult & Pediatric Patients
  • Programmable to any IV Set
  • Infused Volume and Time Display
  • KVO function
  • Audible and Visual Alarm

Power Supply (I/P) 9V DC (1A) Adaptor
Battery 7.2V NIMH 800mAh
Battery Backup 12 - 14 hrs @ 10 drop/min
Power Consumption 3 VA
Pumping Mechanism Gravity
Drop Sensor Internal
Applicable IV Set Compatible with all brand IV set
Flow Rate Range 1 to 150 drop/min for Adults
1 to 100 drop/min for Micro
1 to 350 ml/hr for Adults
1 to 70 ml/hr for Micro
Drop Rate Resolution 1 drop/min (Adult & Micro)
Ml Rate Resolution 1 ml/hr (Adult & Micro)
Infused Volume 0.1 – 9999 ml
Elapsed Time 00:01 to 99:59 hrs
IV Set ml Conversion Adult :12 to 26 dr/ml in steps of 0.1 drop
Micro :50 to 85 dr/ml in steps of 1drop
Accuracy ± 5%
KVO 0.5 drop/min
Modes Drops/min, Target volume, Target time
Alarms & Visual Indication Less Flow -LoFL
Excess Flow -HiFL
Battery Low -btLo
Target Volume Reached -tr-1
Target Time Reached -tr-2
Check IV Line -CHiU
Open -OPEn
Close -CLOS
KVO -0.5uO
Dimension in mm & Weight 106(L) x 121(H) x 55(B) & 450 g
Cabinet ABS Plastic
Coating Rust proof durable
Target Volume 0.1 to 999.9ml
Target Time 1min to 200 hr 59 min
Display Type LED DISPLAY
Certification ISO 13485:2003
Package 4 in a box

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