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Clinical Division

General Infusion controller


Physical Examiner (BMI)

QVS-100 (Quick Vital Sign)

PST-100 (Patient Spot Test)

Feeding Pump

Enhance Feeding pump

Feeding Bag

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Critical Care Division

Syringe Pump



SYRU 4004

Infusion Pump


The number of medical equipment manufacturing companies in India is acutely smaller than that of the overseas market. Statistics reveal that about 80 percent of the medical equipment used in India is imported. Moreover, imports lead to heavy duty charges thereby making the overall treatment expensive. The idea to establish AKAS Medical was born out to solve this issue of highly expensive treatments. What started off as an informal discussion between Mr Arunkrishna (Founder & CTO) and Mr Arjunsooraj (CEO) advanced into the form of a research. The research revealed that the main necessity was to design and make medical equipment to cater to the Indian healthcare units. It was in 1996 that they decided to develop the first medical equipment - Infusion Pump with the help of a small team of engineers. Two decades own the line, AKAS Medical has become the premier critical care equipment manufacturing company.

The main advantage of AKAS Medical lies in its ability to offer cost-effective products and lifelong support to the customers. The infusion pump which we designed is successfully running for beyond 20+ years. AKAS Medical doesn't label itself just as infusion pump manufacturers, but it also serves as effective syringe pump manufacturers. AKAS Medical has a strong dealer network across the globe an serves as effective infusion pump suppliers and syringe pump suppliers.

Medical Equipment with Frequent Technological Adaptations

AKAS Medical has made its footprint evident in the manufacture of other medical equipment as well such as feeding pumps, Quick Vital Sign, patient monitors, oxygen concentrator and so on. AKAS Medical offers the seven-parameter outpatients screening equipment - "Quick Vital Sign". The device is used to check height, weight, BMI, Spo2%, pulse rate, non-invasive blood pressure and temperature in less than two minutes. With a touchscreen interface and a printer attached to this system, you can save the readings and also take a print of it whenever needed. Most importantly, it is ideal for any Out Patient Department. AKAS Medical also takes pride in developing the cost-effective product - "DripSure" which serves as a gravity-based drip infusion controller. AKAS Medical serves as one of the leading volumetric infusion pump manufacturers around the world. The "Patient Monitors" device helps in measuring five key parameters - ECG, Spo2, NIBP, temperature and respiration rate.

AKAS Medical has strong plans cemented for the future. We are currently working on digital technology especially mobile applications to enhance customer experience. Any issues pertaining to delivery and the product front can be immediately communicated to us through the mobile application.

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